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Strategy of Support of Civil Society Development

Dear Sirs,

Environments interested and involved into the process of civil society development are currently facing an extraordinary chance and challenge.

The draft of the National Development Plan for 2003-2013, within the framework of basic purposes, priorities and directions, directly referring to the idea of civil society, targets at the process of creating and implementation of the Operational Program Civil Society.

The Program means significant, citizen's task, financial opportunity and big responsibility. The Operational Program Civil Society shall originate in a well-thought-out vision of the civil society defined in the Strategy in Support of Civil Society.

We all want this strategic document to be drafted in partnership with all interested environments.

Ministry of Social Policy (Department of Public Benefit), as an institutions responsible for this part of the National Development Plan, invites and encourages all interested parties to participate in the process of drafting the Strategy. Any suggestions and ideas shall be appreciated and taken into consideration.

The main motives of the debate, referring to the mission, goals and priorities of the Strategy, should be also inspiring; these include:

  1. Who we want to be as citizens? - our social, legal and economic awareness, our attitudes, our activities and forms of activities;
  2. In what community we want to live? - kind of social ties, social order, relations between various public bodies;
  3. The room for NGOs in the structure of the state - conditions for the development of the third sector;
  4. What do we think about good governance? - transparency, open and participatory form of governance, subsidiarity;
  5. Do we need social economy? - a place of social aspects of economy as a complementary - to market mechanism - sphere of citizens' activity.

The catalogue of questions reminds open. Answers may provide a contribution to the Strategy in Support of Civil Society that meets our expectations.

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