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Strategies, programmes and funds

Development policy in Poland is conducted based on the following strategic documents:

  • Poland 2030 "Long-term National Development Strategy 2030". Third Wave of Modernity (LTNDS) - document establishing the main trends, challenges, and concept of development of the country in a long-term perspective, accepted by the Council of Ministers on 5 February 2013.
  • The National Development Strategy 2020 Active society, competitive economy, efficient state (NDS 2020) - actualisation of the National Development Strategy 2007-20015, accepted by the Council of Ministers on 25 September 2012.
  • Development strategies (the so called Integrated Strategies).

9 Integrated Strategies - new generation documents, will serve the realisation of development goals of the NDS 2020. Below are the links to web pages of resorts responsible for preparation of individual Strategies:

The above mentioned strategic documents are tightly correlated with each other and determine one another. Those relations are also in accordance with regulations determining the hierarchy of strategy, according to which the “Medium-Term National Development Strategy includes the arrangements of the Long-Term National Development Strategy”, and is realised via development strategies.

The strategy of use of the European Funds in Poland will be presented by the Partnership Agreement - document which will be accepted by the Council of Ministers and negotiated by the European Commission. The document will be in force for the government and voivodeship self-governments.

Which elements of the Development Strategy and of the Integrated Strategies will be included in the financing from the European Funds will be specified in the Partnership Agreement. Detailed solutions on, for example types of activities and beneficiaries, types of projects, indicators will be found in the Operational Programmes.


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