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Public Benefit Organizations Database

Pursuant to Article 23(6) of the Act on Public benefit activities and volunteer work, any public benefit organisation is obliged to place financial and methodologies reports on the web page of the office serving the Minister of Labour and Social Policy.

In order to do so, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy established an electronic System of reports from public benefit organisations. Every organisation must open its own account in the System. Correct login and password have to be given to log into the System. The organisations must annually generate a set of relevant reports for a given reporting year. The reporting forms in the System are in the form of templates to be filled in on-line (attaching external files is not possible).

The public benefit organisations reports System and the “User manual” are available at:


or directly at:


Additionally, in case of any questions or doubts as to the operating of the System, an e-mail box is open all year round at the following address: opp@mpips.gov.pl, where questions may be directed to.

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