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file type:       JPEG      file type:       JPEG                  file type:          JPEG
568x296                    706x340                                 1416x300
size:            69 KB
      size:            75 KB                 size:               73 KB

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file type:          AI       file type:            AI                 file type:             AI 
size:          106 KB      size:            103 KB                size:              98 KB 

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file type:        EPS       file type:          EPS                 file type:          EPS
size:          254 KB      size:            260 KB                size:            273 KB   
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file type:         GIF   
size:             3 KB   

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 logo FIO 1 czarno-białe  
   logo FIO 2 czarno-białe      logo FIO 3 czarno-białe 

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file type:         JPEG     file type:         JPEG                  file type:        JPEG
568x296                      706x340                                  1416x300
size:              41 KB
     size:              44 KB                 size:             41 KB

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Three version of the logo FIO in one file:

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file type:            AI
size:           119 KB

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file type:          EPS
size:           506 KB

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