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Substitute military service in the public benefit organizations

On January, 1, 2004, the Act of law of November 28, 2003, on substitute military service  came into life (Journal of Law no 223, item 2217). Following regulations of this Act, substitute service is considered as a fulfillment of the obligation of protection of the Republic of Poland in the field of military service.

1.What is a substitute service?

2.Allocation for the substitute service. 

3.Dispatching the conscript to the substitution service.

4.Course of the substitution service.

5.Benefits due to the substitute service conscripts.

What is the substitute military service?

Substitute service consists in providing services in the following areas: 

  • Protection of natural environment,
  • Fire protection,
  • Health care,
  • Social care,
  • Care of the homeless people and people with disabilities, 
  • Public administration,
  • System of justice.

Substitute services are provided for the benefit of state and local administration units, public health care facilities and for the public benefit organizations, provided that the conscript agrees to be referred to provide services – in case of churches and religious organizational units.   

The duration of substitute service is 18 months or 6 months - in case of university graduates. Tasks defined in the legal regulations are commissioned tasks in the area of state administration in the jurisdiction of regional authorities, responsible also for employers in the area of the performance of such service. The entity (employer) eager to employ conscripts submits appropriate application to the minister responsible for labor issues. The employers and posts, for the benefit of which substitute services may be provided, are enumerated in the administrative decision of the minister responsible for labor issues.    

Dispatching to the substitution service

A conscript subject to the military service or military training by virtue of the Act of law on the general responsibility of protection of the Republic of Poland of November 21, 1967, has a right to apply for being dispatched to the substitution service.

The person who applied for substitution service can not be conscripted until the final decision is taken. 

Course of the substitution service

The following regulations apply to people providing substitution services: Act of law of June 26, 1974, Labor Code on: responsibilities of the employer, responsibilities of the employee, rewards and gratification, penalties for disturbing order and discipline rules, fair gratification, material responsibility of the employee, health and social benefits, safe and hygienic working conditions. 

Conscripts dispatched for the substitute military service are entitled to 9 days of vacation in the first year and 11 days in the second year; university graduates – are entitled to 9 days of vacation. If the conscript is not able to serve due to health reasons, regional authority applies to military authority to order a medical examination. The time of unexcused absence is considered as part of the service period.   


Benefits due to the conscripts

·         Free-of-charge accommodation,

·         Clothing, footwear and individual protection agents,

·         Access to social facilities,

·         Meals and drinks,

·         Tickets for local travel

·         Reimbursement of the cheapest mean of public railway transportation 

·         The monthly salary of 640 zloty


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