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Dear Sirs,

We would like to present you a new internet data base - official register of public benefit organizations in Poland based on National Court Register.
If fou would like to find some information about one of the four thousand public benefit organizations in Poland, please click on this website >>


What could you find there about each organization?


  • full name and adress of public benefit organization
  • website of public benefit organization
  • information about destination of received 1% donation  
  • address and bank account number for the payment of 1% 
  • files of financial statements of each acconting year (balance sheet or accout of costs and benefits)
  • files of activity statements of each year
  • selected public tasks, described in the art. 4 of the public benefit and volunteer work Act of law  
  • others

We would like to invite all of you and specially  taxpayers, who would like to donate 1% of the their tax in aid of public benefit organizations.

More about - who to donate 1% see>>

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